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Viva Latino! was formed in 2005 with a vision to bring the wonderful dances, language and culture of Latin America to New Zealanders.

Saione Greer - Salsa Instructor  

Saione (Director, Salsa Instructor)

With his years of dance experience (including hip-hop and modern jive), Saione is the Director and principal instructor of Viva Dance Studios. Saione has been trained by some of the best Salsa dancers and instructors in the world and has taught hundreds of people with no dance experience how to step on to the dance floor with confidence.

Irina Kapeli (Jazz, Latin, Tango, Burlesque Instructor)

Irina began her dance career with Rhythmics Gymnastics and Ballet in Moscow at the age of 6. Since then she has also picked up Salsa, Argentine Tango, Russian Folk, Gypsy and has explored Modern Dance and Contemporary, Hip Hop, Modern Jive, Burlesque and others. She has completed and taught Polestar Pilates and Zumba/ Zumba Toning Courses. She has studied Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-mechanics, Dance Studies and Choreography at AUT. Irina has performed Nationally and Internationally, she has choreographed and produced her own dance shows, taught all over New Zealand and has been involved in numerous National events as an organizer and lately also as a judge. Quote: "Take away my dance - take away my life"


Julie Bell (2iC, Salsa Instructor)

2iC at Viva, Julie started dancing at the ripe old age of 30, and despite a lack of natural talent, fell in love with the thrill of social latin dance. So much so that she persevered to the point of performing and teaching and had danced all over the world. Apart from the buzz of dancing with a stranger in perfect harmony, she loves being able to use her experience of having done everything wrong to help students do them right. She believes that dancing is a shortcut to happiness.


Beth Pemberton (Latin Instructor & Choreographer)

With a background of elite gymnastics, Beth started latin dance at the age of 21 and that year won the NZ Champs and was selected with her team to go to the World Salsa Champs in Orlando. She has taught, choreographed and trained Salsa dancers of all levels including performance teams. She has been performing salsa and bachata for several years on stages in New Zealand and internationally. She is an incredibly passionate, talented teacher who has been integral in creating the team culture and structures at Viva Latino.

Beth is also who you can get in touch with for shoes and dance wear, as she also manages all of our dance merchandise.


Dallia (Belly Dance Instructor)

Dallia combines safe dance technique, the energetic essence of belly dance and the cultural background in her nurturing and caring classes. She loves bringing out her students' best. Dallia is of Greek/German heritage and grew up with dancing at Greek parties. She started studying Egyptian style belly dance in 1996 in Germany. She is the first accredited teacher in NZ for the original and advanced A-Z belly dance routines as well as the first basic teacher of the ESTODA dance technique in Oceanea. Dallia has a deep love for Egyptian style dance and enjoys fun fusion too.


Donna Lambert (Latin Instructor)

Donna is one of the regular Salsa teachers at Viva Latino. She learnt to dance latin styles iin London with the likes of Super Mario, Susana Montero, Tony Lara, Leon Rose and a host of other respected international teachers.She has been dancing since 2007.


Natasha Patel (Pole Fitness Instructor)

Natasha discovered pole fitness on her 21st birthday. She learnt some basic steps after which the teacher performed an aerial routine. Tash fell in love instantly and began training 3 times a week. 4 years later she is more passionate about pole than ever and aside from teaching she also performs and trains to compete. She brings a vibrant energy, positivity, patience and encouragement and, most importantly, fun to her classes.


Mysha Walker (Burlesque, Hip Hop Heels, Reggaeton Instructor & Choreographer)

Mysha began dancing at the age of 8 learning street style hip hop in Blenheim. Her love and talent for the style became a part-time job at the age of 12. At 15, Mysha decided she wanted to pursue a life in dance and moved to Auckland to study. Before taking up her studies, she was given the opportunity to teach dance in schools around Auckland. Since then Mysha has covered salsa, zouk, bachata, neo-burlesque, hip hop heels and reggaeton. Mysha loves dancing because it is her chance to express herself with movement. She dances and teaches to inspire others and to release her inner beauty.


Tai Correa (Samba Instructor & Choreographer)

Tai has been dancing all her life, and learnt samba from her mother as a small child. For Tai, samba is not only a sensual dance but is also a part of the history and culture of her native Brazil, as well as a feeling that you unleash as movement. Tai has studied ballet, jazz and hip hop and danced with Brazilian dance groups as well as performing in numerous events and dance competitions. Tai's goal as an instructor is to make people feel good about themselves by adding attitude and personality to their moves. She loves to share her passion for samba with others and to ensure her students have fun as well as a workout.


Raewyn Saunders (Ballroom & Wedding dance Instructor)

Raewyn started dancing at the age of 9. Over the last 16 years she has explored ceroc, salsa, cha cha, bachata, merengue, ballroom and latin. She has recently started dancing west coast swing too. She joined the Viva team in 2012 teaching ballroom and latin dance and has become our wedding dance lesson start teacher, bringing out the best in couples needing to put together a dance for their special day. Raewyn believes eyes and dancing are the window to your soul.






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