"> Samba Dance Classes in Auckland

Samba Dance Classes in Auckland

Samba Classes in Auckland

Do you want to add some Carnival to your life? Then Samba classes are for you. They are fun, energetic and very entertaining.
Taught by Julia Garcia, experience her Brazilian flavoured energy and spice yourself.

What to wear: any comfortable clothes to dance in: track pants, T-shirt and flexible sneakers is a good option
Where to park: there is plenty of street parking around our building and near-by streets. It is free after 6pm

What is Samba? Samba is one of the most popular forms of music in Brazil. It is widely viewed as Brazil’s national musical style. Samba developed as a distinctive kind of music at the beginning of the 20th century. It began in Rio de Janeiro as a result of the strong influence from immigrant black people from the Brazilian state of Bahia. The rhythm comes from the Brazilian slave owners who allowed their slaves to continue their heritage of playing drums (unlike U.S. slave owners who feared use of the drum for communications).


8-week Samba courses 2015


Viva Dance Studios
10 Newton Road
Newton, Auckland

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With Julia

6 week Intermediate Performance course
Next course starts August 3rd at 7.30pm
This course will cover a full choreography aimed at performing at the Auckland Salsa Ball in September. Samba dancers who have completed beginner and above level courses and are ready for more of a challenge, this is the course for you!

8 week beginner course
Next course starts August 3rd at 8.30pm
For beginners who want to learn the basics of Samba.

6 week courses:
$90 adults
$80 students

8 week courses:
$120 adults
$100 students

Free for Viva Members

10% discount for Viva Members

*Terms and conditions apply

Call us on 376 7900 or email julie@vivadance.co.nz for more information on upcoming classes


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